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The Best Styling Hair Products For Thinning Hair

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As a woman ages, the changes in hormones during menopause alter her hair texture and appearance. Tresses become coarser, thinner, and more brittle, becoming more difficult to work with. Where once you had strong, easy to curl hair, now you might be experiencing uncooperative strands that can barely hold their shape past noon. 

Many women also begin to experience thinning strands and hair loss, which means it's not as easy to create the tried and true hairstyles that you were used to. But thanks to clever stylists, chemists, and beauty brands, there are a whole slew of products on the market that can help add more depth and volume to wispy strands.

Dry shampoo will become your new best friend when it comes to creating texture; specially formulated shampoos and conditioners will add thickness to weakening strands; leave-in treatments will promote hair growth; and vitamins will replenish your body with nutrients that you have naturally lost. From gels, to pastes, to hairsprays, you're completely covered. Ahead are some of the best styling hair products for thinning hair. Add some of these to your bathroom, and you will have lush and full hairstyles in no time.