10 Reasons Why Aging Is Actually Amazing

These women prove that age is nothing but a number.

There's a lot of stigma involved when it comes to aging - your wrinkles will need to be buffed and prayed away, your hair will turn a frustrating shade of grey, your fashion sense will go out the window, etc.

To that I say: Lies. There's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to aging — we've all worked hard to become the people we are, and so we should celebrate the battle scars and the memories of years that show up on our faces. And just because we collect more years doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of style and cash in your amazing dresses for tent sized muumuus (but feel free to wear muumuus if you love them). If you don't believe us, let these 10 women prove it to you.

1. You Can Still Go Nuts With Your Hair

Who says hair trends are a young person's game? No matter your age, if you want mermaid hair you can pull off mermaid hair. Clearly.

2. You're Now Confident Enough To Rock Them Accessories 

The more years you have under you the more chances you've had to build and grow your confidence, which will open the door to some exciting sartorial choices. Think of it this way: At age 13 everything was a crisis as to what you could pull off and what you couldn't. Like could you really wear those jelly sandals to class? Imagine the ridicule! But at age 70, you'll adorn your body with whatever damn well you please, because who do you have to worry about? You've lived enough years to know you're a queen.

3. You Can Still Rock All The Trends

Why would exiting your twenties or your thirties stop you from wearing what other women are wearing? If something speaks to you on the clothes rack it doesn't matter what age your license says you are - "age appropriate" is nothing but a buzz word that magazines throw around. If you feel beautiful in overalls or a suit with shorts, then it's for you.

4. Girl Squad Goals

Imagine if all women dressed this expressively and with so much fun. You and I could do it — let's tackle these squad goals.

5. You'll Embrace Your Quirks

Whether you love to wear turbans or have a penchant for Victorian boots, the older you'll get the more comfortable you'll be with the type of person you've become. And you'll think it a weird thing not to embrace the woman you've worked hard to put together — so let the freak flag fly.

6. You Can Be One Hot Tamale

As Linda Rodin clearly proves here. No shapeless two piece suits or baggy butt high waist pants here.

7. And Still Be Sex On A Stick

How did we, as a society, decide that women begin to lose their sex appeal once they leave their twenties? In what world is that even a little bit true? Thank you, Jacky O'Shaughnessy, for proving us completely wrong.

8. You'll Probably Have More Money To Play With Fashion

Chances are what you'll make in your fiftties will be significantly more than what you made in your early twenties, which means you'll have more funds to experiment and play with fashion. So why would you not take advantage of that and become and absolute streetstyle star? I know I'll be doing just that. 

9. Just Because You're Older Doesn't Mean You Stop Being Hip

As Lyn Slater obviously proves. At 62, she's got her finger on the pulse and dresses better than most young people on a normal day. No style is off limits if you like it enough.

10. And It Doesn't Mean You've Lost Your Cheek

Whether it's red lip sunglasses or quirky dresses and bold prints, your playful nature doesn't dissolve away once you get older. If anything, it grows!

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