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Gray Hairstyles For Curly Hair

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By this time, chances are you have figured out how to work with your curly hair. The teen years might have been tough as you battled with frizz and ill-advised haircuts, wishing you had the straight hair of some of your classmates. Then in adulthood you might have finally read enough magazines and gotten enough tips from professional stylists to figure out what formula of products and techniques you needed to get your curls smooth, springy, and full. And now that you're encroaching the golden years, you're probably noticing that your hair is changing. As grays spring up, hair gets course, drier, and thinner, becoming harder to work with. But that doesn't mean beautiful hair is impossible. It just takes a new equation.

And if you have nailed yours down already, then you might be curious how you can style your gray curly hair. While leaving it down and loose is an option, there are a bevvy of fun and playful ways you can fashion your curls to bring something new to your outfit each day. Everyone's texture is different - from loose waves, to coily natural hair, to thick curls — but most hairstyles can work on everyone.

From weaving your locks into a classic chignon, to trying something unexpected and wearing your hair in loose pigtail braids, to trying out a fauxhawk, there is something for everyone. There are no limits when it comes to gray hairstyles for curls. Click ahead and see which one you might try tomorrow. There's plenty of inspiration to be found!