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Here Are 30 Dogs Being Crazy!

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Remember back in the day when photos were taken with cameras? And that was all they did. They just took pictures. You had to load the film, attach the flash cube, and hope for the best. And, you never knew what you got until you paid to have the film developed and the pictures printed. Most of us had Kodak Instamatic cameras, and the pictures were usually disappointing, to say the least.

Fast-forward a few decades, and hardly anyone who isn't a professional photographer even owns a camera. (Who would have thought our phones would someday take better pictures than we ever dreamed of with our cameras? And, we know right away if we got the shot!) So, of course, we take pictures all the time now. After all, we're never far from our phones.

And what do we take photos of? Everything around us: friends, family — and especially silly pics of our dogs! And we love to share those photos on our social media feeds. 

We know dogs as our true, loyal companions who love us unconditionally. But they can also be real comedians. They make us smile and laugh with the funny, silly, and downright crazy things that they do. And now, we can capture those crazy moments and share them. Read on for some of our favorite hilarious dog moments captured on film.